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Guided Tour #7

Last week’s tour… …at the edge of MVTU (Moscow Technical State University) Student Housing in Annengofskaya Roscha. Next guided tour from RKM Save Urban Heritage #7 “FROM AVANT-GARDE TOWARDS ART DECO” is this Sunday (Oct 23), meeting at metro Preobrazhenskaya … Continue reading

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Guided Tours

CHECK IT OUT: The European project RKM Save Urban Heritage (RKM stands for Rome Kiev Moscow) has FREE guided tours to visit Constructivist and Avant-garde architecture around Moscow. A little about them from their site: The RKM_Guided Tours, organised by … Continue reading

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New Favorite Book

I recently picked up a copy of Справочник-Путеводитель Архитектура Авангарда (Directory-Guidebook of Avant-garde Architecture) at the Schusev State Museum of Architecture (MUAR). It is officially my new favorite book. With 475 entries of architecture from the 1920s and 1930s, including … Continue reading

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Khudyakov at Nikolaev’s House

Years ago, Konstantin Khudyakov studied architectural industrial design at the Moscow Architecture Institute (МАрхИ) and at one point lived at Nikolaev’s Student Commune House for three years. Flash forward to the present day, the Commune House is currently serving as … Continue reading

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