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Poster Printing Process Instagram collageSIZE: 27 x 35 inches / 68.5 x 89 cm
PAPER: Rives BFK 270g White, 100% rag
#S: 18 posters; each poster has a limited edition of 8-12 posters, signed & numbered
PROCESS: Moscow – photograph architecture, BW film; San Francisco – scan in film, design poster, print digital separations, hand tear paper, & finally, silk screen print poster layer by layer (5 – 7 layers per poster).
PRINTING TIME FRAME: Feb – Jul 2012, +300 hours
PRICE: $100, $150, $200
CONTACT: Natalia
for availability, pricing, delivery options

Shukhov Tower poster & detail

^Shukhov Radio Tower, edition of 9

Bread Factory No.5 & detail

^Bread Factory No.5, edition of 10

Intourist Garage poster & detail

^Intourist Garage, edition of 8

House on the Embankment poster & detail

^House on the Embankment, edition of 9

MIIT Club and Student Dormitories poster & details

^MIIT Club and Student Dormitories, edition of 10

Kvartirokhozyain Cooperative Residential Building poster & detail

^Kvartirokhozyain Cooperative Residential Building, edition of 8

Student Commune House poster & detail

^Student Commune House, edition of 9

Rusakov Workers' Club poster & detail

^Rusakov Workers’ Club, edition of 9

Mossovet Truck Garage poster & detail

^Mossovet Truck Garage, edition of 10

Pravda Printing Plant poster & detail

^Pravda Printing Plant, edition of 10

NKPS Headquarters posters & detail

^NKPS Headquarters, edition of 8

Telephone Station poster & detail

^Telephone Station, edition of 11

Communications Institute poster & detail

^Communications Institute, edition of 9

Fire Station No.16

^Fire Station No.16, edition of 8

^Ptitsevodsoyuz Headquarters, edition of 10

Zhurgaz Journalist Housing

^Zhurgaz Journalist Housing, edition of 8

VEI Building poster & detail

^VEI Building, edition of 12

Frunze Military Academy poster & detail

^Frunze Military Academy, edition of 12

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